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MG Property Management’s Janitorial/Housekeeping Department is headed up by our team leader, Giselle Malcom.


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MG Property Management provides the following services:



Serving The Following

Giselle brings in-depth experience in managing and maintenance as well as a keen eye for detail. She truly embraces our motto of “treating every unit as it was our own”. Our Janitorial/Housekeeping Department is able to provide house keeping and janitorial services at rates that are consistent with other cleaning companies.

During our initial transition to cleaning an association a complete walk through of the property will be held. This walk through will provide the necessary insight into the cleaning required for your association’s needs. After the association is assigned a janitor/housekeeper, Giselle will be on-site on a regular basis, spot checking to ensure that cleaning is being provided by the standards and quality that MG Property Management is known for. Weekly updates are emailed to each association to keep them informed of the work performed, as well as, to bring any other items noted to the Board’s attention.

If the association does not maintain a supply of cleaning items, MG Property Management is happy to provide all items necessary for cleaning, including but not limited to brooms, mops and vacuums. MG Property Management can also supply a janitor/housekeeper on an as needed basis or if your regular cleaner is out. This will ensure that your association stays neat and clean.

If you would like to discuss our janitorial/housekeeping services please contact Giselle Malcolm in our office at or via phone at 954-530-4912. Giselle will be happy to come to your property to meet with you.

A detailed look into our services…

  • A representative of MG Management will attend the Association Annual Members Meeting and one board meeting per year. Attendance by a representative of MG Management at additional Association Meetings can also be provided. Written request from the board is required along with appropriate notice for a representative of MG Management to attend additional meetings.
  • We will prepare a meeting package for all board members prior to board meetings. This package will contain: a detailed agenda with meeting notes, format fill-in forms to record motions and votes, other agenda items, current financial reports and manger’s notes to the board. MG Management will notice all board and other meeting as required by law.
  • We will provide one annual mailing to unit owners that will include payment instructions for monthly maintenance fees, mailing labels for mailing monthly maintenance fees and the association’s annual budget.
  • Our staff will provide supervision and direction for all association employees. Supervision will include providing a scope of work for each employee or position, performance reviews, disciplinary policy enforcement and employee record keeping.